Air Pollution & Climate Change: How Are They Connected?

Air Pollution is affecting our health every day –
but did you know that it is also affecting the current and future health of our planet?

Here are a 3 Ways
Air Pollution and Climate Change are Connected:

The extraction and burning of fossil fuels drive both air pollution and climate change

As the main cause of CO2 emissions, it also emits harmful particles into the air (which have further effects on our health and climate change). If we can reduce this activity, we can make a significant difference in both areas.

  Photo Credit: Rudy Dong

Some air pollutants are intensifying the effects of climate change

Referred to as short-lived climate-forcing pollutants, these include methane, black carbon, ground-level ozone, and sulfate aerosols. While many of these are considered ‘local pollutants’ which would suggest that they only affect the given area they are emitted in, they have a severe global impact that’s often forgotten about. Methane and black carbon in particular are some of the most damaging contributors to climate change after CO2.

  Photo Credit: Marjan Blan

Climate change affects our health too

It is not just air pollution itself that’s threatening our health, it’s also the climate change it causes. With progressing climate change, accessing a healthy diet will become more challenging as agricultural regions are affected. Outdoor exercise will also be more difficult due to rising temperatures in the summer. Everyday safety is impacted with more frequent extreme weather events.

  Photo Credit: Arnaldo Aldana