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May 06, 2021

An update on the status of our masks and filters featuring SINTX silicon nitride

We have received a number of inquiries on the status of development and commercial readiness of our masks and filters featuring SINTX silicon nitride technology and want to share an update on our progress.

Preparation of our proprietary material for mass manufacturing requires an exhaustive production and testing process. We are developing and testing a variety of manufacturing techniques, modifying equipment to achieve this and working with SINTX R&D team to ensure optimal outcomes. International standard testing of our finished material for efficacy and safety is also necessary to reference results and introduce a product for consumers.

While commercial readiness is our focus, we must ensure we introduce a solution that is efficacious and safe. Achieving this presents the opportunity to support growing global demand and the long-term need for active-protection masks and filters, and demands rigorous development and logistics preparation as this is a first-to-market technology.

The project is currently in a scale up and testing phase and is progressing very well, but this does take time. As stated in previous press releases, we are working towards the release of a product in 2021 and as soon as there is an anticipated market availability date, it will be announced. 

We look forward to completing our current phase to bring a game-changing product to market featuring SINTX technology. In the meantime we thank you for your support and interest and hope you are breathing healthy with O2TODAY’s current line of products.

Mar 30, 2021

O2TODAY Partners with Hawaiʻi Tourism Japan and Aloha Shirt Author Dale Hope to Launch MĀLAMA Hawai'i Protective Mask

Veteran face mask manufacturer O2TODAYHawai‘i Tourism Japan, and Dale Hope have teamed up to develop a mask as part of the MĀLAMA Hawaiʻi initiative. The collaboration celebrates Hawaiʻi’s aloha shirt heritage through a reusable mask featuring high-efficiency filters designed to welcome Japanese tourists safely back to Hawaiʻi, while serving as a reminder of The Aloha State when they return home. The print was curated by Aloha Shirt icon and Waterman, Dale Hope, who has also designed for the Patagonia Pataloha collection, Quicksilver Waterman Collection, and Western Aloha, among other brands.

Link to the original press release and more information