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1, 2 or 3 month recurring subscription option


O2TODAY - O2Health 3-ply pleated face mask
Reduces the risk of transferring respiratory droplets in public settings, at work, or at home with family.
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5 pack

replacement filters

O2TODAY - O2SafeAir replacement filter subscription
Provides 2-way protection for wearers and reduces exposure to fine particle aerosols, dust, and haze.*
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3 pack

*Filter must be used with a mask (recommended and made for use with O2SafeAir mask shell but could be used to fortify other fabric face coverings that seal to the face)

Subscription model

Receive 15% off of your purchase and have the peace of mind that a steady supply of masks are coming to your home each month.


Monthly subscription option
$6 / 5 pack
15% off regular price
Ideal for individuals and families to prevent spread of cold and flu through respiratory droplets at home, at work or in public
3ply nonwoven masks with nanofiber filtration layer
Includes behind the head clip to avoid tension on ears for comfort and more effective seal to the face
5 masks per pack
Each mask recommended usage up to 6 hours = 30 hours of protection per pack
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O2Health - Monthly subscription available


Monthly subscription option
$10 / 2 pack
15% off regular price
Ideal for frequent flyers and commuters to reduce exposure to airborne germs during close passengers proximity
Features ASTM F2100-11 medical filters
2 masks per pack
Exhale valve to release humidity
Each mask recommended for up to 6 hours = 12 hours of protection pack

Available from October 2020

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O2Travel - Monthly subscription available


Monthly subscription option
$6.79 / 3 pack
15% off regular price
Ideal for reducing exposure to PM 2.5, urban pollution, inversions, wildfire haze, dust and allergens
US manufactured N95 replacement filters come 3 per pack
Each filter recommended usage up to 8 hours = 24 hours of protection per pack
*O2SafeAir mask purchased separately as a one time purchase
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O2SafeAir replacement filters, monthly subscription available