The Various Benefits of Using a Protective Mask

//The Various Benefits of Using a Protective Mask

The Various Benefits of Using a Protective Mask

The very essential biological act of breathing is vital to fuel life and provide our bodies with quality oxygen. However, modern-day advances have led to massive industrial growth that has had an unprecedented adverse effect on the quality of air. Pollution adds particulate matter in the air which should be of concern to everyone according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Research shows that in 2016, there were 6 million premature deaths worldwide, 200,000 of these fatalities occurred in the USA due to low quality of air.

The catch 22 of the matter is that reduction in pollution causes a reduction in economic activity and subsequent loss of livelihoods. Luckily, our pollution mask is the most practical short-term solution to this dilemma.

The various benefits that they proffer to you are:

1. Lung Protection

Pollution masks function by filtering out particulate matter from the breathable air. Studies have shown that air quality in most cities is full of fine particulate matter. The case is particularly dire in cities like Beijing, Delhi, and Mumbai. However, American cities like New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco and many others have alarming levels of harmful fine particles in the air, known as PM 2.5 

When breathing in the smoggy air, you can suffer from a range of respiratory ailments ranging from lung cancer, bronchitis, asthma, and pneumonia just to name a few. These diseases require money, time, energy and government resources to treat. In the worst-case scenario, the situation can shorten your life expectancy and subsequently lead to premature death.

2. Prevention of Heart and Brain Complications

In particular, diesel engines emit particulate matter that is rich in soot and metal from internal corrosion and diesel components. The material filters over 80 percent of these particles through electrostatic-based fiber technology. Using a pollution mask ultimately saves people from heart and brain conditions as the soot may deoxygenate the blood and cause chronic heart and brain malfunction in the long run.

3. Protection from Airborne Allergens and Bacteria

Proper protective masks feature anti-microbial and filtering properties that prevent biological pollutants from entering the respiratory tract. These contaminants are responsible for ailments such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, allergic rhinitis and some types of asthma.

4. Fashion Complement

They are ideal for complementing your personal style and accessorizing select impressions. They add color, sophistication and above all set a tone around you that you are not only fashion savvy but health conscious.


Lifestyle consciousness is a growing trend as people watch what they eat, do and say. Adding the quality of air on the list is possible through adopting the right pollution mask.

Have a say in what you breathe!


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