What O2 Today Masks Protect Against

//What O2 Today Masks Protect Against

What O2 Today Masks Protect Against

The benefits of using a protective mask far outweigh the attention that you may get for wearing it, especially in U.S. cities. Nonetheless, the air filter mask offers immense benefits to you due to the elements that it filters.

These elements are disease-causing and can play a pivotal role in landing you on a hospital bed. To get started on the journey of clean air breathing, it is vital to understand what is it that the particulate matter contains to the point of putting your health on the line.

These elements are countless given the huge concentration of human beings, animals, industries, and machines, that are contributors to the hazard especially in your city.

1. Pet Dander and Hairs

You may not have realized it, but these elements from pets can cause severe allergies that may be difficult to treat. Furthermore, you may not have a say in what people do with their pets in public areas. In such a case, an air filter mask sieves the pet hair and dander through the fiber in their filters.

2. Fine Dust Particles

Windy situations, dust from buildings and awnings, flapping of wings from birds at the public square and even the turn of car wheels causes suspended dust to settle to circulate in the air. The US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) encourages people to use air filter masks, especially for this reason.

3. Exhaust Fume Particles

Diesel and Petrol using machines emit particles that contain gasses such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen, formaldehyde and volatile organic substances. Additionally, the exhaust fumes contain soot that is attributed to coronary artery disease, thrombus, acute vascular dysfunction and other ailments.

4. Tobacco Smoke

In some areas such as clubs, smoking may not be prohibited. Tobacco fumes contain tar and can expose to the hazards of secondary smoking. A pollutive protection gear can contain the pollution, giving you the freedom to interact with anyone.


An air filter mask can protect the air that you breathe from particulate matter that is respirable and detrimental to health thereafter. Using this protection provides you with a high chance of being safe and free from air-suspended particles of diameters two to 10 micrometers which are considered inhalable, carcinogenic and life-threatening to human beings by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).






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